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EBT Info

At this time, T&K's accepts SNAP/EBT at its
Jonesboro store only.

We hope to again be SNAP-authorized at our Morrow store in
the near future.

T&K strictly adheres to SNAP regulations at all times.

• SNAP beneficiaries may not purchase hot foods with SNAP/EBT
• No food may be consumed on the premises (regardless of whether it is purchased with SNAP or with cash/credit/debit)
• Table and chairs are for waiting only.
• All meat, poultry and seafood is sold RAW.
• T&K’s customers may ask for foods to be cooked for an additional $1.00 fee after completion of the sale.
• EBT may not be used to pay for the cooking fee (cash/credit/debit only)

SNAP regulations are issued and enforcement by the United States Food & Nutrition Service. All SNAP regulations must be followed at all time.

No exceptions will be made.
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